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Looking to stem the Japanese invasion in WWII, the...
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Making 711 street horsepower from Ford’s classic b...
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By Christopher Campbell
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Aeromotive’s 1,000hp Phantom fuel system is costef...
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The School of Automotive Machinists shows what it ...
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Retrofitting modern race gauges into a vintage das...
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So you want overdrive in your hot rod? Here are 15...
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Craig Johnson’s first car—a homebrewed ’63 Ford Fa...
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Looking to learn more about your carburetor? We ta...
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The nine big no-nos of stance can ruin the look of...
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Popular Hot Rodding
Automotive Enthusiast With an Emphasis on Performance, Bolt-On Accessories and More!
Popular Hot Rodding delivers American-made performance cars at their best with restoration and tuning secrets, technical articles, product reviews, news and events.
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language : English
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